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What is Love?

Updated: Mar 23

What is love if it doesn’t expect more—what difference would it make in someone’s life?

What is love without patience? If it is too critical and leaves no room for growth, how would you explain the difference between love and being judgmental?

What is love if it fails to acknowledge shortcomings; will the results be a brighter future? And if forgiveness is absent when there’s a misunderstanding or a violation of trust, what other method could resolve this issue?

What is love if it demeans or is abusive; is that the fuel to use to stimulate affection? Moreover, without convictions, who has the leverage?

Too often, many searching for love are enticed by what love isn’t, hoping to find their soul mate. Out of fear of being alone, they overlook the essential quality necessary for both character. There is no other test for happiness than that.

Good humor, for example, is medicine for the soul, but joking that is insensitive can cause much pain. In contrast, you need to know there is no negative way to express love. One can either continue to experience unpredictable hardships guessing what love is or learn that compatibility in relationships is only attainable when there’s justification in God’s word to believe (when attracted to someone) that’s the right person to have in your life.

So, what is love?

It is the sacrifice of self to do the will of God. For in “love” are all the virtues necessary to have a blessed life. Nothing else can liberate your soul from the insecurities of being you than to have God-like character. And Christ Jesus was the embodiment of these virtues. Can you find them in this reading?

(Inspired from I Corinthians 13:4-7).

Written by William Land

Pastor of St. Albans COGIC

St. Paul, MN

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In reflection of what love truly is, I am drawn to the beautiful illustration that God provided for us in the very beginning.

God’s reaction to the disobedience of man in the book of Genesis, wherein His character was tested, in which the outcome was a selfless, demonstrative display of perfect love.

The Lord clearly revealed His love for man and the characteristics of what love is, amid man’s betrayal. This did not come without judgement; however, His judgement did not come without love.

Instead of exposing and abandoning Adam and Eve to the elements of shame, nakedness, and despair that sin created, God chose to clothe them with garments that He himself created, knowing the garments they made for…


Thanks William! This is just the medicine we need to heal society. Your message caused me to look inward and reflect on the way I have been expressing love and change some things.


This is such an inspiration. “Love” is a subject that many avoid due to the fact that they can’t explain it or have never experienced it. This is beautifully written, and touches the heart. Thank you Pastor Land for sharing with us. I’m looking forward to reading more of your excellence!


Jackie  Vo
Jackie Vo
May 08, 2023

Very well written, a piece that speaks to many. Allows readers to reflect of love, our relationships with ourselves as well as others. Thank you!


Stanley Roberts
Stanley Roberts
May 03, 2023

That's a good word. " ...He that doesn't love doesn't know God, for God is love..." 1 John 4: 7-8. Jesus manifested the LOVE of the Father. When we accept the fact that we are loved unconditionally by the Father, expressed in His Son, then we can love ourselves (despite our flaws and shortcomings) and then have the capacity to love others.

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