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What is Love?

Updated: May 3

What is love if it does not test our character or expect more? What difference would it make in someone’s life?

What is love without patience?

If it is too critical and leaves no room for growth, how would you explain the difference between love and being judgmental?

What is love if it fails to acknowledge shortcomings; will the results be a brighter future? And if forgiveness is absent when there’s a misunderstanding or a violation of trust, what other method could resolve this issue?

What is love if it demeans or is abusive; is that the fuel to use to stimulate affection? Moreover, without convictions, who has the leverage?

Too often, many searching for love are enticed by what love isn’t, hoping to find their soul mate. Out of fear of being alone, they overlook the essential quality necessary for both —character. There is no other test for happiness than that.

Good humor, for example, is medicine for the soul, but joking that is insensitive can cause much pain. In contrast, there is no negative expression of love. One can either continue to experience unpredictable hardships guessing what love is or learn why it is the formula for integrity and contentment. Also, without love, there is no justification for faith, the main ingredient for compatibility in relationships.

So, what is love?

It is the sacrifice of self to do the will of God. For in “love” are all the virtues necessary to have a blessed life. Nothing else can liberate your soul from the insecurities of being you without the character of God.

And Christ Jesus was the embodiment of these virtues; what are they?

(Inspired from I Corinthians 13:4-7.)

Written by: William Land, Pastor of St. Albans COGIC, St. Paul, MN.

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