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Who we are

About our church

St. Albans COGIC stands as a beacon of faith in Saint Paul, Minnesota. We are a place of prayer, peace and joy to all who join us. Our community is richly diverse, with people of different ages and backgrounds coming together to worship and serve together. We welcome all individuals seeking God’s love and our doors are open to every soul seeking to welcome Jesus into their heart.


Small church, BIG mission

We consider our ministry to be very unique. In that it will appeal to the conscience of everyone who sincerely takes God serious. 

We do not exclude anyone, while maintaining that each one of us is accountable to each other to strive to live holy. This standard is necessary so that the name of Christ and his church is not shamed by us. 

We are determined to bring glory to God through prayer, praise, worship, and the Word. We honestly believe when we devote ourselves accordingly, we will reach the lost and the oppressed will be set free. 

The Redemption Story | One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism

The blood on the doorframe is a reminder of the final plague in Egypt before Israel's deliverance from Pharaoh. Yet, total freedom was not possible for them or anyone due to the plague of sin until salvation came by the shedding of Jesus' blood. This is the Gospel. Christ's sacrifice represents God's disdain for sin and the door to save sinners. Therefore, if any church distorts this message to justify sin, only those inside who open the door of their hearts to the truth will escape His judgement.


Jesus' death on the cross went beyond racial barriers to give hope to all people, while His empty tomb shattered the myth that death is the end. Jewish people were the first to hear this message, later an Ethiopian man, and afterwards the Greeks. Those who believed were baptized into His Church and empowered by the Holy Spirit to witness throughout the world that Jesus is the Savior of sinners - to the glory of God his Father. There is one Lord, one faith, and one baptism; anything contrary to this is false!


The Law given to the Prophet Moses from God reveals to the Children of Israel that only God is Holy and Worthy of Worship. It also instructs them how to live according to His will. But when Israel rebelled against God, it's by the Law that we know the eternal punishment of mankind is just. Thank God; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ who fulfilled the Law by his Holy life. As Christians, we are blessed to have Christ's righteousness; and communion reminds us of God's love. Amen!




  • We believe there is only one God eternally existent in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. 

  • We believe the bible is the only infallible and inspired written Word of God. 

  • We believe that man created in the image of God fell into sin by choice. 

  • We believe the only means of being cleansed from sin is through repentance and faith in the precious blood of Jesus Christ shed on the cross. 

  • We believe regeneration by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential for personal salvation and effective prayer.

  • We believe in the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit by whose indwelling the Christian is enabled to live a Holy and Separated life in this present world. 

  • We believe the baptism in the Holy Spirit according to Acts 2:4 is given to empower believers for witnessing. 

  • We believe because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, in the blessed hope which is the rapture of the church of God which is in Christ at His return. Amen.

Statement of Faith

St. Albans Historical Profile

Learn more about how we got started

In 1970, Pastor Timothy Lee Barge began Saint Albans Ministry. On July 21, 1970, Pastor Barge entered into a verbal agreement with Bishop Claude D. Allen, presiding Bishop of C.M.E Church/Christian Methodist Episcopal Church to purchase the church structure at 678 Aurora, St. Paul, Minnesota. At this time, the building was referred to as the Old Carter Chapel. After resolving a few legal issues concerning the title deed, Pastor Barge and the members of the congregation purchased the church structure for $3,500 less than what the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church paid in 1948 when they purchased it from Aurora Methodist Church. The building was in poor condition and needed repairs to become functional. Originally, the church was named Holy Name Church of God in Christ. This name did not fit well with Pastor Barge and he continued to search for a name more suitable. Once he selected a name, documents where amended, changing the name to Saint Albans Church of God in Christ.

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