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Sup. William Land

Superintendent Pastor William E. Land has been the Senior Pastor of St. Albans COGIC since 1997. He is the faithful leader of the Fred Willis Washington Upper Midwest District of the Minnesota COGIC Jurisdiction, and an accomplished author of several publications!

A note of encouragement from our trusted leader

Consider the positive and negative ways in which silence has affected your life. Acknowledge the power that you lost and the strength you had when you were brave enough to address the truth. It takes great courage to stand up for truth and hold grace in your heart for the lost, to be a light in the darkness. 

Pastor and Lady Land

Read Superintendent's Biography

Check out Superintendent Land's biography to understand his history in the faith, and his work in ministry. 

Recent Publications

Superintendent Land has expanded his ministry in the faith to include authorship. Check out some of his most recent publications below! 

Updated Book Cover

Lost Without Him

Lost without Him is a guide through the Old Testament that highlights the importance of understanding the whole Bible. Superintendent Land addresses the many perspectives presented through God’s Word and offers lessons that readers can apply to their daily lives through the Old Testament readings.

Update Book Cover

The Trinity

It is understandable why it would be difficult for many to explain who God is. God has made it so that we would know just enough about Him to acknowledge that He exists, while leaving more mystery than we can fathom, to remain Sacred and Divine. The Trinity, by Superintendent William Land, attempts to unpack the mystery in the Doctrine of the Trinity. Using the Word of God as his source, Superintendent Land works to help the reader understand God is a triune Being.

Solve the Riddle

What is the “Subject?” For some, it is peace in the storm, and for others, this subject causes pain. It is in every story of the human race. From the moment the first couple was created, until today, there would be no such thing as choice, if my topic was not an option as a response to God. Whether a person believes in God, or not, does not exonerate them from the responsibility to be wise when it comes to my topic. However, due to this option, many are hurting, while others are benefitting from it. Again, timing is everything! But if that is not enough to know what I am talking about, we even say at times God is this, as He relates to us. There are many examples to support that in the Bible, still, it is not a good reason to ignore Him. And on Judgment Day, every one of us must give an account of why, and when this topic was best for us, or God. What is my subject?" 

—  Sup. Pastor William E. Land

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