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At St. Albans COGIC, we have been connecting people to the heart of God since 1970. Our goal is to inspire you through the holiness of our dwelling and prayer services. Become a part of our growing congregation in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Something for everyone

Small church, Big impact

At St. Albans, we believe a healthy community is an active community. Take a look at the many ways in which we volunteer and engage with our Saint Paul neighbors. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with new opportunities for engagement.


Celebrating 50 Years in Ministry

This year, St. Albans Church of God in Christ, celebrates 50 years of ministry, 50 years of Faith, 50 years of hardwork. Nearly a half of a century later, and St. Albans continues to maintain a passion for Christ, through a life of servitude and integrity. 

Fifty years ago, I was sitting in a service at First Church and heard remarks by Elder Timothy Barge and committed that I would visit his Church one day. Twenty-Seven years ago, while going through a tumultuous time in my life, I found myself keeping that promise. Twenty-five years ago, I found myself married to one of the most beautiful sanctified women of that congregation.  Fifteen years ago, I was asked to be the assistant pastor at Saint Alban's.


Saint Albans has been an essential link in my life. My relationship with this church and its ministries has been foundational in my Christian walk. It has always been a place of healing for those who are hurting, inclusion for those who want to work for Christ's Kingdom, and a place of growth for those who want to be equipped to serve. I am proud and excited to be a part of this ministry.If you are serious about your walk with Christ and willing to be utilized by God and appreciated by his people, join us, we won't hurt you.

Elder Jones cutout
Elder Clarence Jones, Assistant Pastor
St. Albans Church of God in Christ

Being a member at St. Albans for the past 23 years, I have not only seen growth and change within the ministry, but also growth within myself. I have been stretched and excited to be a part of the enthusiasm felt while digging deeper into the Word of God with my fellow members. This ministry has given me many opportunities to be more confident in allowing the Lord to use me.


As a member, I have gained understanding both in my spiritual walk as well as in my natural self, through the preaching of the Word as well as the many different teaching styles I have been exposed to. I have received love, patience, and understanding which has helped me every day be encouraging and uplifting to others. 

Natasha Mackey, Administrative Assistant
St. Albans Church of God in Christ

After a bad experience in another church, I was cautious about going to or joining another!  I read and taught my kids the bible at home. It was fifty years ago Pastor Timothy Barge knocked on my door and asked if my kids could come to Sunday School at St. Albans Church.  Honey, I said yes and sent them faithfully.  They were in a play and asked me to come and see them.  When I walked into St. Albans I said, I’m home!  It felt like home, I knew many of the members and they treated me like family.


There was a time I was sick and many of the women came to my home; cooked and cleaned while I was down. I eventually became the Sunday School “secretary” and now my ministry is sending greeting cards to the sick and shut-in and to let current and formers members know letting we have not forgotten them.  The Lord directs me where to send them and they go all over the world.

Marcia Clark
St. Albans Church of God in Christ
Pastor and Lady Land

St. Albans Women's Ministry 

Led by First Lady Shirley Land

At St. Albans COGIC, we believe that women make the world go round. Our women's ministry is led by the illustrious First Lady Shirley Land. Her passion is to create and maintain safe spaces for women to connect with each other. Through women's retreats, brunches. and group outings, the women of St. Albans continue to cultivate authentic relationships to support one another in Faith. 

In addition to her valuable work with the Women's Ministry of St. Albans Church, First Lady Land's work extends to reach countless other men and women in the world. 

St. Albans Ministries

At St. Albans COGIC, we believe that our ministries are an outward expression of our Faith in God. Through singing, dancing, and lifting each other up with the Word of God, we allow others to see our Faith in action. Check out a few of our ministries below to see how you can get involved!


Music Ministry

Music is an essential form of praising and worshipping God. The St. Albans music ministries are passionate about leading God's people into authentic worship experiences. 

Participants are encouraged to get involved with the service to connect with God. The words are displayed on the screens so that people can sing and make meaning of the songs. We encourage you to lift your hands, dance, and express the joy of your Faith. 

Sunday School

Sunday school is the foundation in which we learn and reinforce the Word of God. 

At 10am, every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, we study, discuss and explore biblical truths to apply them to our daily lives. We make our sessions interactive by encouraging participants to read the lessons beforehand and answer questions that we discuss as a group. Our members describe this as a helpful way to engage with the Bible! 


Wednesday Bible Study

Bible Band is another hands on approach to learning the Word of God. We meet every Wednesday night at 7pm where we do a deep interactive study. 

Wednesday night is also an opportunity for different members to lead study lessons and share their individual perspectives on the topics they teach.

Here to Guide You

The leadership team at St. Albans COGIC, consists of ordained clergy and believers with the confidence to guide our community in Faith.

The men and women of St. Albans are committed to Christlike servitude with the goal of advancing the Gospel.

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