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It Is Your Choice

Updated: Feb 9

The reason "Pro-lifers" are not reaching as many people in this culture as they would like is due to their position; the only alternative to that is "Pro-murder," which is offensive to those who view what's occurring within a female's body differently. But there should be something unsettling within them to think it's possible to cancel what potential thrives on—opportunity.

From the moment God said, "Be fruitful and multiply," to the first couple, the command to preserve life is supposed to crush the idea that this "freedom" allows them to determine who lives. Neither could any circumstance that takes a life make "what is" never again, or forgiveness not an option for those who chose to do it. 

God knew that purpose could be an act out of selfishness, necessity, or compulsion; He provided hope as a lifeline for us at conception because He made us in His image. This way, one’s judgment cannot determine another's fate.  

So, to think any person, no matter the stage of growth they are in, is of no value in the eyes of God doesn't understand what a soul is (Read: Matthew 10:28). If they did, they wouldn't risk losing theirs by being "Pro-choice." Such a view minimizes the depth of a mother's love (Read: I Kings 3:16-27, Exodus 1:15 – 2:4, & Matthew 2:7-12, 16-18), distorts the meaning of free will (Read: Isaiah 5:20), and is anti-God (Read: Luke 6:46, Hebrews 5:8-9). 

Who else can forgive sin and raise the dead? It is your choice!

Written by: Pastor William Land.

Some people search for flaws to disprove truth, and I look for them to fine-tune it. 12/28/2023.

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