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Why I Think About God

The question “why” is asked more than any other. Whenever there is a problem or concern, to know is the reason for asking. But there would be no whys unless “Someone” has all the answers. Several things are essential to come to this conclusion.

Whoever possesses all the necessary attributes or qualities for life is the reason for it. Everything that “is” falls into two categories: they were created or “are” without being caused. Anyone who thinks nothing is the reason for something or that something could cause itself lacks common sense. Both are self-defeating, meaning each view disproves its explanation. What doesn’t “exist” has no purpose, whereas the latter (something could cause itself) would have to create themselves at the same time they don’t exist. That is why neither is probable.

Author Paul Copan states in his book, “That’s Just Your Interpretation,” if you’re struggling with the explanation for a Creator, maybe this would help: “What caused the self-existent, uncaused cause, who is by definition unmakeable, to exist? This simply means whatever “is” without a source is the only “Source” to rely on.

But what makes this “Being” reliable? Answer: Himself! Besides, what has always been cannot change, learn, be influenced, or be subject to anyone since no one else has dominion over time.

So, if you’re still wondering why I think about God, what reason is left to ask?

Written by: Pastor William Land. 9/18, 23-29/2023

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Stanley Roberts
Stanley Roberts

Very good writing. The concept of the "Why of God" is infinitely beyond human comprehension. And is a spiritual matter that only requires Faith to receive and attain.

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